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At BizFirst, we partner closely with companies of all sizes, from dynamic startups to global enterprises, offering flexible and affordable recruitment solutions. 

Our commitment is to seamlessly integrate with your team, understanding your unique needs and driving your success with the right talent. 

Let's build your future together.

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Staffing recruiting hiring rpo talent

We are proud of our past performance with top organizations

We are proud of our past performance with top organizations

Solutions and pricing options that suit
your hiring needs

We’ll discuss your talent needs, the solution that will work best for you, and your budget to make sure
we come up with a “we want to keep doing business with you” price. 

Staffing recruiting hiring rpo talent

Traditional Recruitment Support

Pay-per-hire with placement guarantees.

You select from two excellent pay-per-hire options, both with a placement guarantee. One with added extras. You’ll know exactly what it will cost, regardless of how long the process might take or how many candidates are assessed. You select what is right for you, and only pay if we help you make a hire.

Staffing recruiting hiring rpo talent

PartnerHire RPO
Monthly Flat-Rate RPO Recruiting

Flat-rate monthly pricing with continuous support.

Pick from three popular models or opt for a custom recruitment solution. Scale your talent team with our expert recruiters, who align with your process to provide complete support in sourcing, interviewing, and on-boarding. Modify your service to match your growth, up or down, whenever you need. The choice is always yours.

Staffing recruiting hiring rpo talent

IT Staff Augmentation

On-demand short- or long-term flexible staffing.

Get the IT help you need, when you need it. 
Our service is quick to adapt, giving you the right tech skills without long waits. Scale your IT team up or down, depending on your current project or business goals. We offer a straightforward way to handle your IT staffing, keeping your business flexible and on track.


SBA Certified: No. 831530


Quality solutions at a fair price.

At BizFirst, we understand that each client has unique needs and preferences when it comes to recruiting services. That's why we've developed flexible pricing models designed to align with various business demands and engagement styles. Whether you prefer traditional pay-per-hire methods, such as fixed fee or percentage of salary options complete with a free replacement guarantee, seek more consistent monthly hiring support with a dedicated recruitment team and flat monthly fees, or require staff augmentation -- we've got you covered. At the core of our approach is a commitment to putting your business first. We strive to build long-term relationships founded on exceptional engagement, clear value, and a framework of trust and transparency. 

Discover the range of our service models and let us craft the perfect solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Pricing Models
Staffing recruiting hiring rpo talent

We don't guess at


Harnessing the BizFirst Talent Cloud, our recruiting specialists integrate your specific needs with our expansive AI-enhanced database. Our approach ensures not just a find, but a precise fit, positioning your team for unparalleled growth and effectiveness.

Matching the right talent to the right role is our benchmark for success.

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Case Studies/ Past Performance

Our Success Stories

Staffing recruiting hiring rpo talent

PartnerHire Service (RPO)

Supported SMB 8(a) professional services hiring

How a small business contractor met their program commitments our RPO service.

Staffing recruiting hiring rpo talent

DirectHire Service

Accelerated Team Ramp for New Product Team

How a Bespoke Staffing Strategy Propelled a Product Team to New Heights


*Based on company and key personnel past performance.  

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Why businesses choose BizFirst

Nationwide coverage

locations on the West and East coast offering nationwide coverage.


IT Recruiting Experience

total years of IT recruitment and staffing experience, with significant past performance credentials.


Rapid Submission 

​1 to 2 days 
to receive first candidate submission (average) for new jobs; sometimes same day.



retention success rate, with free direct hire guarantees and 1 week free trial for IT contractors.

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