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DirectHire: Traditional recruitment support.

Flat fee or percentage, you choose.

Perhaps you're aiming to grow your pool of skilled candidates and want pricing that's flexible but still comes with a guarantee of placement? Talk to us about our fixed fee option. Or, if you prefer, pick our premium model for complete recruitment support from start to finish. You decide.

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Two excellent recruitment support models

Two pricing models, both offering a guarantee. It's your choice.

You will always get the same quality and transparency of the process.

Flat Fixed Fee
​Flat fee, when you don't need all the extras

With our Fixed Fee recruitment model, we efficiently sources candidates through multi-channel job boards and social media, complemented by referral incentives and thorough candidate interviews for skill and culture fit. Using our Talent Cloud's AI, we find candidates that fit your specific needs, providing submission summaries with essential details.

This approach provides transparent, fixed pricing, saving you around a third of your recruitment fees. Our price is set in advance and does not fluctuate, with payment due post-successful placement. Our model includes a 30-day replacement guarantee, emphasizing our commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Main features...

Accommodate your budget
Don't pay until the placement is made
45-day replacement guarantee

Percentage of Salary
​Full lifecycle recruiting

Our full Lifecycle recruitment service is tailored to each client's unique needs, beginning with job description review, targeted sourcing coupled by efficient coordination of interviews, where we ensure the interviews happen without a hitch.

We further assist in the crucial phases of offer negotiations and closings, ensuring both parties reach a mutually satisfactory agreement for a successful hiring outcome. Additionally, this service includes valuable extras such as delivering market insights and providing performance reports. 

Best if you need...

100% free 90-day replacement guarantee
White-glove end-to-end recruitment
Additional value-adds included
Our Pricing Models

Frequently Asked Questions

Covering the most common questions you might have about our DirectHire permanent placement service.

Do you specialize in one particular industry?

Rather than focus our entire firm on one industry, we employ recruiters with experience in specific fields. That way we can truly partner with a client — understand your culture, your business model, your unique needs and work together to help you get to where you want to go. You can review our primary expertise by clicking on the Industries tab in the menu.

Are your recruiters paid on commission?

No, we think that is death to integrity in recruitment! Our recruiters are all paid above-market rate salaries in return for getting it right for our clients. The rewards kick in when they make placements and have repeat business from a client. So, getting it right for you, every time, is the driver for everything we do.

Do you share the same candidates with other candidates?

No, we do not believe that is fair to our clients or candidates. As long as you are considering the candidate, we will not share the same candidate with another organization. 

How do you evaluate candidates for cultural fit to my business?

You can never be 100% sure of anything (other than death and taxes). But we give you a much higher level of comfort than others. Apart from our wealth of experience interviewing and reference checking candidates and our optional skills testing tools, we offer a unique JobFit assessment to test for integrity, work ethic, problem-solving, team and communication skills. 

How does a placement guarantee work?

Providing you’ve paid your invoice within the agreed terms, the guarantee period commences on the day the new hire starts and ends 45 or 90 days later, depending on which service/ pricing model you’ve chosen. If the new hire leaves the job for any reason other than a restructure on your end, we’ll replace them for free. That’s how confident we are of getting it right.

Do you actually interview every candidate?

Yes, we do. We would never send a candidate to you that has not been thoroughly assessed. We do in-depth phone and face to face interviews, depending on your needs, and then send you a comprehensive submission summary on each candidate.

How do I know the recruiter is working on my project?

Our unique online collaboration tool means you can log into your dashboard at any time to see what’s happening with your project — job status, candidates submitted, candidates being screened and interviewed, and so on. And every time we share a candidate or update our activity, you’ll get an alert to tell you. That’s what we call transparency!

How will my recruiter source candidates for us?

Our recruiters are skilled at knowing where to go for particular candidates. Typically, we will use a combination of our own database, advertising and online search tools to make sure the right candidate doesn’t fall through the cracks. After all, our job is to get it right for you!

Do you assist with the job description?

Yes, understanding exactly what you need the new hire to be doing is critical to getting the recruitment right. So, we‘ll work through the job description you have, or help you build the one you need. From there, we’ll build the selection criteria to make sure every candidate is assessed thoroughly and equally.

Is the online collaboration tool something I have to pay for?

No, it's absolutely free!  All part of the service.