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PartnerHire RPO: Monthly Flat-Rate Recruiting

Get continuous recruiting with flat rate monthly pricing

Select from our three popular models (or customize your own), to match your evolving talent hiring needs. We act as an extension of your hiring team, with an expert recruiter and client manager supporting your hiring priorities.

We partner with you to provide flexible, reliable, cost-effective hiring. 

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Cost-effective predictable hiring solutions

Our monthly flat rate recruiting service complements your hiring process, delivering on your talent hiring priorities with an expert recruiting team. We have proven cases studies showing how this model drastically reduces hiring costs—by 40-45% compared to traditional contingent models and up to 90% against in-house recruiting efforts. We'll meet with you to understand your requirements and provide an open-book quote with all components. Now that's transparency! 

Tailored recruitment agility

Experience the flexibility to adjust your recruitment efforts with our scalable RPO services, integrated and aligned with your process and goals. Whether your company is undergoing rapid growth or needing specialized roles, our adaptable model is designed to meet your specific needs. We offer continuous recruitment support and management of parts or all of the process to ensure your able to hire and on-board a qualified team that meets your requirements.

Best if you need...

Integrated and aligned support
Responsive and scalable recruitment
Predictable hiring and pipelining

Predictable and transparent pricing

Our PartnerHire monthly recruiting model offers a transparent "open-book" and predictable pricing structure, eliminating the lumpy nature of traditional pay-per-hire fees. This approach allows for more effective budgeting and provides significant cost savings, especially for companies with frequent hiring needs. 

Main features...

On-going recruitment
Cost control/ savings
Regular hiring cycles

Three excellent monthly flat-rate recruiting models.

Choose from our three popular monthly flat-rate RPO recruitment models or let us customize a solution just for you.
Each option provides an expert team aligned to your current talent hiring demand. You can switch between packages as your business needs evolve. 
Yet again, it's your choice.


Includes  0.5 Shared Recruiter & Client Manager

Predictable monthly fee
0.5 Shared Recruiter
Support for billable and proposal jobs
Client Manager point of contact
15+ Job Boards and LinkedIn
BizFirst Talent Cloud
Online collaboration tool
Job priority reviews
Regular status meetings and reports

*supports 1 - 2 new job requirements per week, or on average 5 job requirements during any one week, with a submission of 2 - 3 qualified resumes per week. (Typical performance).



Includes 1.0 Dedicated Recruiter & Account Manager

Everything in the Starter Package, plus:
1 Dedicated Recruiter (instead of shared)
1 Dedicated Account Manager (AM)
Recruiters act as brand ambassadors
Full-lifecycle recruiting support
Tailored project plan to meet KPIs
Skills testing (optional)
Job fit assessment (optional)
Proactive talent pipelining
Regular performance reporting

*supports 3 new job requirements per week, or on average 10 job requirements during any one week, with a submission of 5 - 7 qualified resumes per week.  (Typical performance).



Includes 2.0 Dedicated Recruiters & Ops. Coordinator

Everything in the Pro Package, plus:
2 Dedicated Recruiters (instead of one)
1 Dedicated Operational Coordinator
Employer branding support (optional)
Integrated with or replaces client's process
Job planning consultation (optional)
Customized on-boarding support
Integrated, consistent candidate experience
Diversity and Inclusion Focused Recruiting
Customized career page
Advanced analytics dashboard

*supports 6 new job requirements per week, or on average 20 job requirements during any one week, with a submission of 10 - 14 qualified resumes per week.  (Typical performance).


Frequently Asked Questions

Covering the most common questions you might have about our PartnerHire Monthly Flat Rate Recruiting service.

What is a monthly flat-rate based model?

It's a recurring monthly fee model at an agreed flat rate giving access to experienced recruiters and account support who help find and attract top talent.

What if my requirements don't fit into one of the 3 packages?

While the three packages shown above are our most popular models, we will be happy to develop a custom solution that suits your exact requirements and budget.

Who can benefit from your PartnerHire service?

Our service is ideal for companies that hire regularly, including startups, small businesses, and any organization needing to hire throughout the year. It offers a cost-effective solution for an embedded recruiting team without the lumpy costs associated with pay-per-hire contingent recruiting.

How do you conduct optional skills testing?

Under our exclusive arrangement with a leading provider of hiring-related tests, we provide a full range of skills tests, tailored to your job. Whether we’re recruiting an Accountant or a Full Stack Developer, we can test their skill level with confidence.

Will we have a single point of contact client manager?

Yes, every client is assigned a client manager. Clients selecting the Pro option receive a dedicated Account Manager while clients selecting the Enterprise option receive additionally a dedicated Operational Coordinator. Your client representative will serve as your single point of contact ensuring an exceptional engagement experience.

How do your recruiters find talent?

We use a combination of proactive sourcing, industry networks, referrals, BizFirst Talent Cloud, and advanced recruiting technologies to find the best talent. We market the company and position on over 15 job boards and social media sites including Monster, Dice, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Indeed, Google, and industry specific sites. Our approach is tailored to meet the specific needs of each role and industry we work with.

Why don't you publish your prices?

We don't publish a price list because we tailor our services to each client's unique needs, including the services required, number of jobs, and ideal recruiter allocation. We follow an open-book pricing method offering full transparency into our services and pricing. This approach ensures competitive pricing that's just right for you.

How do we get started?

To get started, contact us for a consultation where we’ll discuss your needs and how our PartnerHire service can help.

*A "Job" refers to any open job position (vacancy) that needs to be filled