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Our Disciplines

We specialize in your success

At BizFirst, we specialize in recruiting top talent for essential roles in Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Technology and Professional Services, Strategy and Program Management, Finance and Accounting, and Operations and Supply Chain Management. We believe these positions are vital for helping businesses grow and evolve, even in fluctuating economic climates. Our approach focuses on matching the right individuals with companies that aim to consistently deliver outstanding value to their customers and maintain operational excellence.

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We are proud of our track record of building high-performing team for leading-edge companies

We have expertise in four (4) critical disciplines that power business growth and transformation

Strategy, Sales, and Marketing

We understand the evolving landscape of strategy, sales and marketing. We recognize that in today's information-rich market, effective sales and product marketing personnel are more crucial than ever. Our approach to recruiting in this field is tailored to identify candidates who not only deliver impressive numbers but also excel in driving strategy, building and maintaining customer relationships and brand loyalty. We believe in finding individuals who bring a mix of intellectual curiosity, passion, and drive, essential for adapting to the dynamic market environment.

Samples roles/areas include...

Business Development
Account Management
Customer Success
Sales Engineering
Product Marketing
Strategy and Program Execution

Our comprehensive recruitment process includes a thorough understanding of your business needs, targeted headhunting, and leveraging deep candidate networks to find the best match for your organization. With BizFirst, you can expect a partnership that delivers top-tier talent, tailored to drive growth and innovation in your business.

Technology & Pro Services

Our focus in Technology and Professional Services recruitment is to find top-tier talent capable of tackling complex problems and driving digital transformation. We understand the critical importance of having the right people in place, particularly in today's fast-paced technology landscape. Our approach emphasizes not just the technical skills but also the innovative and value-creating capabilities of candidates.

Samples roles/areas include...

Cloud computing engineers
Data science
Implementation experts
Software engineering
Solution/ System Architects
Project management

Our recruitment services are not just about filling positions but also about understanding and representing your company's brand and culture throughout the hiring process. We employ the latest talent intelligence tools and data-driven hiring practices to ensure we find candidates who are not just technically proficient but also a perfect cultural fit for your organization.

Finance and Accounting

We recognize the pivotal role of finance and accounting professionals in driving economic impact and navigating complex business landscapes. Our recruitment strategy focuses on sourcing and placing top talent in finance and accounting roles, from financial officers and analysts to professionals transitioning from public accounting.

Sample roles/areas include...

Financial analysts
Investment professionals
Risk managers
Tax advisors

Our approach is deeply rooted in understanding the unique needs and culture of each client. We aim to connect with candidates who not only possess the necessary technical expertise but also align with your organization's values and goals. By leveraging our extensive network of vetted finance professionals and adopting a customer-centric recruitment process, we ensure a seamless match between candidates and companies.

Operations and Supply Chain

 We recognize the pivotal role that support of operations and supply chain plays in the seamless execution of business strategies and maintaining market competitiveness. Our approach to recruitment in this domain is centered around sourcing and positioning professionals who excel not only in the operational management of solutions, including hardware and business operations but also contribute significantly to the strategic growth and efficiency of the organization.

Sample roles/ areas include...

Operations manager
Quality assurance
Plant management
Procurement specialist
Customer service

Whether you're looking for leaders in logistics, experts in procurement, or specialists in operations, we provide tailored recruitment solutions. Our team leverages a vast network of qualified professionals, combined with cutting-edge recruitment methodologies, to ensure you gain access to top-tier talent.

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Solutions and pricing options that suit

your hiring needs

Pay-per-hire with placement guarantees

Discover a straightforward recruitment solution perfect for your manufacturing hiring needs. Whether you have occasional or low-volume hiring requirements, DirectHire offers a cost-effective, performance-based fee structure. This model simplifies the hiring process and provides a safety net with free placement guarantees.

When this service may suit you:

Need to hire specialized or hard-to-find talent
Prefer to pay only on successful hires
Have periodic or hard-to-find hiring needs
Want placement guarantees

What we offer:

Sourcing only or full lifecycle recruiting
Fixed fee or % of base salary pricing
Free placement guarantees

Unlimited talent for a flat, monthly rate

Embrace continuous recruiting support with PartnerHire, a subscription-based model designed to seamlessly integrate with your hiring process. This flexible approach offers unlimited hires with predictable monthly fees, to support your critical hiring goals across management, staff, and operations.

When this service may suit you:

Need to create or augment recruiting process
Prefer predictable monthly fees
Have continuous hiring requirements
Want recruiting with unlimited hires 

What we offer:

Full recruiting as an extension of your team
Different models based on job volume/ need
Option to scale up or down as required
Many value-adds and other services

Flexible contractors on-demand

Need temporary IT professionals? ContractHire offers flexible, on-demand contract services tailored to your project's scale. Whether it's individual roles or entire teams, this model provides comprehensive support, including payroll and benefits, ensuring hassle-free contract management. 

When this service may suit you:

Need to hire IT professionals on contract basis
Desire flexibility in contract arrangement
Require individual roles or an entire team
Want on-demand skills and staff augmentation

What we offer:

SOW, Time and Material, or Hourly options
Single, multiple, or full team fulfillment
Seamless on-boarding and off-boarding
People management, payroll and benefits


Quality solutions at a fair price.

At BizFirst, we understand that each client has unique needs and preferences when it comes to recruiting services. That's why we've developed flexible pricing models designed to align with various business demands and engagement styles. Whether you prefer traditional pay-per-hire methods, such as fixed fee or percentage of salary options complete with a free replacement guarantee, or seek more consistent monthly hiring support with a dedicated recruitment team and flat monthly fees, we've got you covered. At the core of our approach is a commitment to putting your business first. We strive to build long-term relationships founded on exceptional engagement, clear value, and a framework of trust and transparency. 

Discover the range of our service models and let us craft the perfect solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Our Pricing Models