Accelerating Growth for a Software Product Company

Tale of Consistent Talent Supply through ContractHire


In the dynamic field of software development, securing the right temporary contractors is key to success. A leading Software Product Company faced a critical need: they required a unique mix of talent for internal product development and solution architects who possessed client-facing skills, software development expertise, and SDLC implementation knowledge. BizFirst, with its innovative Talent Cloud and ability to swiftly place temporary contractors, was perfectly positioned to meet these needs.


The Challenge:

Locating professionals who excelled in client interactions, had a strong software development background, and were proficient in SDLC implementation presented a significant challenge. The company's success in both internal and client projects hinged on the caliber of the contractors we provided.


Our Approach:

Leveraging our Talent Cloud, we embarked on a mission to quickly identify and place the right temporary contractors. Our dedicated team, proficient in understanding the unique demands of the software development sector, employed our extensive talent pool to find individuals who precisely matched the client’s specifications.


Onboarding and Management:

Managing the onboarding process, we handled background checks, skills assessments, and time reporting. This comprehensive approach ensured a seamless integration of contractors into the client's workflow.


Performance and Retention:

We didn't stop at placement. Conducting quarterly performance review check-ins as per the client's request, we maintained a high standard of contractor performance. Proactively, we began seeking the next assignments for our contractors at least two months before their current roles were due to conclude, ensuring continuous engagement and satisfaction. When faced with the sudden departure of a placement, our team promptly responded. Under our replacement guarantee, we quickly secured and onboarded a suitable replacement within 5 days, minimizing project disruption.



This case study demonstrates how BizFirst's ContractHire service, backed by our Talent Cloud, adeptly adapts to diverse hiring needs, consistently delivering top-tier temporary contractors. Our contribution to the growth of this Software Product Company underscores our role as a reliable and efficient staffing partner.


Next Steps:

Facing a similar hiring conundrum? Our ContractHire service might just be the solution you need. Reach out to us to explore how we can tailor our staffing services to meet your precise hiring needs and contribute to your business growth.