Building a Strong Team for a Global Consulting Firm

How We Helped Fill Over 20 Cleared Positions within 7 months

Note: In alignment with the sensitivity of government-related work, client names and identifying details are omitted to maintain confidentiality.


In collaboration with a leading Global Technology provider, we played a crucial role in the U.S. Navy's Financial Management program under SeaPort-e. Leveraging our expertise in IT and finance staffing, we supplied a variety of top-tier professionals, significantly enhancing the program's capabilities. Notably, over 75% of the candidates were in positions requiring security clearances, ranging from Secret to TS/SCI.


The Challenge:

The firm was looking for top-notch professionals, but most of the ideal candidates were passive, meaning they weren'3t actively looking for a new job. The Global Head of Talent Acquisition at the firm was keen on getting the right people on board, so they chose our ProjectHire service tailored to fit their business style.

Our Approach:

We kicked off by using the firm's value proposition to attract potential candidates. We also tapped into our Talent Cloud, where we have a bunch of candidates from our past engagements with other consulting firms. This way, we could reach out to people who might be interested in the positions even if they weren't actively job hunting.


The Trial Period:

We started on a 4-month trial contract to show what we could do. Every month, our account manager would catch up with the Global Talent Head to share updates, plan on sourcing talent, and get feedback. The feedback was positive, with the department heads happy with our professionalism and the quality of candidates we were bringing in. 

Our Key Contributions included:

  • Supplied skilled personnel in essential areas such as Financial Analysis and Budgeting, ensuring accurate financial forecasting and budget management.
  • Filled roles like Financial Systems Analysts and Accountants, facilitating effective financial operations and compliance with Navy standards.
  • Sourced IT professionals like Cloud Engineers/Architects, Blockchain Engineers, Cyber Security Analysts, Consulting Managers, and SAP Engineers among others.
  • Provided Cost Estimators and Risk Management Specialists to support strategic financial planning and risk mitigation efforts.
  • Assisted in policy formulation by staffing Financial Policy Advisors and Strategy Consultants.


Long-Term Partnership:

Our hard work paid off, and at the 4-month mark, the Talent Head extended our contract to a full year. We kept on delivering, submitting 2 to 3 candidates for every hire. Our recruiters even met with candidates on their interview day to help them prepare. By the end of the campaign, we had hired over 20 professionals, helping the firm build a strong team with a range of skills and experience levels. Furthermore, we demonstrated high efficiency in our recruitment process, with 70% of candidate submissions resulting in interviews, 36% of interviews resulting in hires, and an overall 25% of submissions resulting in hires.



Our collaboration was instrumental in advancing the financial management program, showcasing our commitment to delivering qualified talent swiftly and effectively.


Next Steps:

Do you have a similar hiring challenge in the public sector? At BizFirst, we can tailor our staffing solutions to meet your needs, making the hiring process smooth from start to finish. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you meet your hiring goals.